Any feedback on Eco Dry Smart Solutions Green Dry carpet care?

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  • Any feedback on Eco Dry Smart Solutions Green Dry carpet care?


Anonymous56789 | 02/08 2016 09:19
I felt a weird feeling when even the girl who answered the phone for this co. Never said their name,I thought I had wrong number. I made an appt for 2 to 5 p.m. He calls and says can I come now ,it's only noon,we agree on 1:30. He never came so I call and he can't make it now he says,he says 1 hour and half. I said oh,o.k. We hung up. I stood there. I was a bit upset that he could of called and said this,instead I had to call HIM.I called and cancelled him. Very unprofessional co.somethings up when they don't say their name when you call for service.
Positive: 21 %
Anonymous7876554 | 26/05 2016 03:33
WARNING...they do not hold up to their standards!!!!! My carpets were cleaned today, and they are saturated from too much water! They advertise they carpets will be dry in 2 hours ....NOT! It has been 6 hours since they left and it has been sunny and breezy to help dry things out, and we have 4 fans blowing on them! I will never use them again... EVER!!!!
Positive: 15 %
CATHY007 | 26/05 2016 03:30
BAD BAD COMPANY! We wanted to try this Eco-Dry Smart Solutions Green Dry Carpet cleaning service and are very disappointed and felt ripped off and taken advantage. The carpet cleaning industry continues to rip off customers. The guy shows up at my house the day he was to do the job, I had the advertised coupons, and he quotes me $700.00 to do my carpets (less than 300 sq ft) and one sofa/loveseat!!! AND he does not let me use my coupons. I called the 800 621-5794 and the rude scheduler, tells me a supervisor will call me........never did! So, here is your pay back for false advertising and trying to rip off customers!!!
Positive: 10 %
Anonymous46808 | 21/04 2016 03:50
I read their ad and couldn't figure it out. I researched their company and couldn't find anything! Numerous numbers, numerous cities, but couldn't get a straight answer. I'm guessing its a scam company that just takes calls, sends out subcontractors, etc. I decided not to have them come to my house. Better safe than sorry.
Positive: 10 %
Anonymous46808 | 18/04 2016 22:43
Using the ad in neighborhood magazine, "Local Flavor" I set up an appointment for my unfurnished 2 bedroom, hallway and 11 stairs. The total for up to 5 rooms (up to 550 sq ft) was $85.95. During the appointment setting telephone conversation, I understood additional charge of $3/per step. Prepared to pay $120.00 the sub-contractor shows up and quotes me $700.00. Yes, you read correctly- SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. Don't use this unethical company. When I called the 800-621-5794 number, I got the same person who set up the appointment. She put me on hold to call the cleaner to confirm that he quoted me $700. She didn't know he was still there... When she returned she actually tried to justify the amount. She would not stop talking and eventually she just hung up on me. Never offered to make amends, correct the problem- nothing. You could get new carpet laid for this amount. So he feels poorly for me and now brings the price down to $200 just not scotch guarded- which I never asked for nor wanted. What was I to do? Had to move in, it was a weekend. So even though I have had over 2400 sq ft cleaned for under $200, I decided to let this slimey individual clean the carpets. It was a steam clean! Not DRY. Horrible, horrible experience.
Positive: 10 %