Does Cardosone 10 really work?

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  • Does Cardosone 10 really work?


Anonymous40856 | 23/06 2016 08:50
how can a people perpetrate such a big scam in print and our mass media allow it to continue?Don't we have any consumer protection to protect from ingesting a substance. I searched the Doctor's name with his picture on line and he came out as not a medical Dr. we have tons of Dr. Pierre LeBlankc who are real medical doctors, don't confuse them with the one Cardosone 10. seach with his picture on the flyers.
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Anonymous63731 | 06/06 2016 19:02
Does Cardosone really work
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Anonymous71551 | 25/05 2016 19:39
i do not know because i did not order it after reading all the answers which are neg.there fore the produck is a scam
Positive: 45 %
Anonymous64582 | 06/05 2016 01:34
I placed my first order in February I was told they were out of stock. When I called 2 weeks later they said my order was not in the computer but they would contact the warehouse and find out what the problem was. Supposedly they have sent me 4 reorders none of which I have received. Three months after my initial order I still do not have the product. ONE BIG SCAM!!!
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Anonymous24043 | 16/03 2016 16:17
ordered the product 02/17/2016 still have not rec it. paid for express shipping. called 6 times already diff ship date every time i called . would like a consumer advocate to look into this company. i think they are ripping a lot of people off with a scam 03/16/2016 today they said i could not get my money back until i rec the product and returned it
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Anonymous24018 | 11/03 2016 04:07
It is supposed to be the miracle supplement that lowers bad cholesterol, Blood Pressure, etc. I ordered it on 2/23/16 and pd. extra for express shipping. 3/10/16 and still not here. Company claims shipped on 2/29/16, but mysteriously there is no tracking #. No email confirmation. Have called customer Svc 3x and they just can't figure why not here. I'm getting very suspicious. They tried really hard to sign me up for a repeating charge on my credit card for a service I would never use. I finally had to yell at the salesperson and tell her to quit trying to sell me junk I do not want. She finally finished my order. I've been checking my card. So far no suspicious charge has appeared. They charged my card for the order on 2/29/16.
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Anonymous48955 | 02/03 2016 00:01
Why this company advertised spending lots of money in ad and it's not true the product claim.
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Anonymous34182 | 01/03 2016 01:03
sent for it took over a month to receive it. I was disgusted that it took so long, sent it back without even trying it! now its been over two months trying to get refund! called them they said they couldn't find the package. after 4/5 calls still no money!! I think they are a huge scam!
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Anonymous77633 | 22/02 2016 03:55
no, It does not, After calling the company 9 times over six weeks, finally got the product, 3 months supply.After using it per directions for two months, I see absolutely no improvement in my blood pressure or angina pain..Don't waste your money, and god luck trying to get a refund.
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