Find g(1) if g(x) = x/2 + 1.?

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  • Find g(1) if g(x) = x/2 + 1.?


... (x)= x^2 Find g(x) 2. if g(x)= (x+1)/x gof=2/(x-1) find f(x) Kindly help me on this matter, thank you. Algebra -> Rational-functions-> SOLUTION: 1.
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A production.The function g(x) = 8X - x^2 for x larger than or equal to 4. State the domain and range of G^-1(x) Find ...
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1. If f(x)=3x-4 and g(x)=x+2: find f-g 2. If f(x)=3x-4 and g(x) = x+2: ... To find f-g: f(x)-g(x)= 3x-4-(x+2) = 3x-4-x-2 = 2x-6, so your answer is wrong.
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If g(x) = 2x + 2, this means it takes an input value, doubles it, and then adds 2. The inverse will do the opposite, in the opposite order.
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Answer: Since your function g(x) is a bijective function in the defined domain, the I can write: x^2+4x=-5. whose solutions are: x= 1 whic belongs to the ...
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if g(x)=2x^4+3x^3-x^2 find g(-1) if g(x)=2x^4+3x^3-x^2 find g(-1) Mar 20th, 2015 . FratBro23. Category: Algebra . Price: $5 USD. Question description-42-12 ...
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