Has anyone tried the

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  • Has anyone tried the


Anonymous23570 | 22/04 2016 22:29
Thickest meatiest center cut premium bacon, most baconlicious aroma and delicious taste profile cooked or uncooked bacon I've eaten in 15 years!
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Anonymous63967 | 12/04 2016 23:18
We just received a pallet, here in Alaska. Electricity is scarce to non existent, the NASA PAKS© are exclusive and proprietary to this manufacturer. NO REFRIGERATION required. This is the only product of its kind. Opened and kept in the PAK after each use it will do 45 days no problem without refrigeration. This bacon is grocery priced, so we feel we received the value added long term NASA packaging for free. A Captain buddy of mine just purchased 4 pallets for his fleet. It is really good bacon. Two slices of this thick center cut country bacon equal 4 to 5 slices of any other fully cooked bacon grocer brand to include Hormel® or Oscar Meyer. It ships free by the PAK or the case right from the ranch in Montana to your door. My buddy spoke with the National Distributor, this product was specifically designed for no electricity zones , scarce electricity zones, extended outages in natural disasters, civil unrest or war. 100% American Made, exported worldwide. worldwide.
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Homemaker78 | 03/12 2015 11:49
Yes, I've used their bacon at home for making meals for the family. As a busy mom, it saves me tons of time in packing lunches or making breakfasts, lunches, or dinners. Saves me the hassle of frying up bacon or risking the raw stuff going bad. Came in the mail fast and I don't think I'll be pan frying bacon anymore as easy as they make it :-)
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Anonymous54286 | 03/12 2015 11:45
I bought from them recently. Way thicker than any other pre-cooked bacon I've bought. Also the taste was on point. It's worked great for my meals when I hike and camp. When I add it to my other meals, it makes me feel like I'm eating a more "made-at-home" meal instead of the normal camping stuff. Great snack too. I won't be ordering from any other bacon vendor, I'm liking their bacon the best. Cheers
Positive: 10 %