How do you turn a zombie in Black Ops 3? To complete the challenge Zecruiter?

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  • How do you turn a zombie in Black Ops 3? To complete the challenge Zecruiter?


Anonymous62022 | 13/02 2016 20:36
One of the pack-a-punch variants (such as Dead Wire, Blast Furnace, etc.) is called "Turned". You get these variants by putting your weapon into the pack-a-punch machine a second time (for 2500 points). So just put a pack-a-punched gun back into the pack-a-punch machine and keep trying until you get "Turned". Then, every now and then, when you shoot your gun, it will make up to two zombies at a time fight on your side instead. Hope this helped.
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Ethan | 01/12 2015 01:16
When upgrading a weapon two times, a text shows up beneath the weapon name: "Turned", upgrade it a third time and it changes to "Turned Wall". Some Zombies are even marked as Turned. It is the new Double PAP feature. There are 5 "elements" that you can get. Turned will turn a zombie you shoot against the others. Thunder wall is like the thundergun effect. Blast furnace has a fire effect. Dead wire is like the wunderwaffe. Lastly, fireworks spawns a gun that shoots zombies.
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Anonymous40423 | 26/11 2015 05:58
Some one help explain it
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Anonymous8296 | 23/11 2015 08:50
I DONT EVEN KNO, MAN thats why i was here too
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