What is the domain of log3x +log3(x-2)=log3(9-2x)?

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  • What is the domain of log3x +log3(x-2)=log3(9-2x)?


You can put this solution on YOUR website! g(x)=log3(x) what is the domain of g(x); what is the range of g(x); find an intercept of f(x): graph the equation:
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Question 527917: solve for x- log3(2x-1)=2+log3(x-2) Answer by lwsshak3(11551) ... =number(2x-1)/(x-2) 3^2=(2x-1)/(x-2)=9 2x-1=9x-18 7x=17 x=17/7 ...
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... =log3 (x-2) and give its domain and range using interval notation? Free e-mail watchdog. Tweet. Answer this question. Graph the function g(x)=log3 (x-2 ...
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solve the equation log3 (3x-6) = log3 (2x+1) ... you shouldn't be confused by the log 3 since we know that when the log 3 a ... x-2=1 --> solve for x. x=3 ...
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Since we have the term log3 x^2, we'll use the power property of logarithms:log3 x^2 = 2 log3 x. The given equation (log3 x)^2 = log3 x^2 + 3 converts to
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Find the domain and range of both functions. 1. ... Find the domain of f(x) = log 10(x+ 3). 2. ... log 3 x2 4 xy 2 3. log
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